Wisdoms of Project Management

I was often asked how did i managed my projects? Emm…my simple reply was “just manage”. Really, what i did was simply managing whatever is needed so the project can be successful. Some also asked, “But, you weren’t the certified Project Manager from any project management professional body, how did you manage?”. I wasn’t taken aback because i used to ask this question too a few years ago and now i know the answer. The answers (more of suggestions and wisdomes) are all in the slides. I bet you will be surprised that the things that i say are all daily stuffs (small stuffs in fact) but makes hell of difference in your project. But it will definitely give you the deep seated motivation of what making a project successful. It will also give you the “key” to manage your project successfully.

I owe this deep understanding of project management to all people that i worked with. They came from different ranks and walks of life. I also gained insights from books that i read, observations and also post degree (MBA) programme. Regarding project management certification, i would say that anyone that is certified certainly will gain extra advantage in managing any project. Especially when the project is a large scale one and require extensive dcoumentation, processes and very complex. The longest project duration i experienced was 10 months. I know some of you run projects that lasted for 24, 36 or even 60 months. You guys rocks! I also have met a fair share of colleagues that have been certified but failed to apply the knowledge gained. They try to skip some processes and disguise it under their certified-self. But, hey we are not here to talk about them. 🙂

I hope you will benefit from the slides and gain as much as everyone else. Cheers!

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