Why Innovation Skills Is Worth Your Time?

The primary functions of innovation are to solve problem and value creation. An innovation skill is the ability to do both of the functions – recognize when a problem require solutions and something potentially valuable is happening and then figuring out how to make it works. The first step is to have a good idea. Good ideas come from having a clear, concise and compelling “hunch” about what people want and need.

As an organization, it is vital that every leader and every organization have a cadre of people who are skilled at generating and recognizing good ideas. Well you may think your organization has this cadre of people, the missing piece usually these people have to work in concert and cohesively together. Most people work really well, alone. When together, we fumble. 

Five main ingredients necessary to create a good idea:

1. Something important or urgent which needs doing or fixing.

2. A group of people with the ability and freedom to do something about it.

3. An absence of bureaucratic hurdles.

4. An atmosphere of trust which encourages risk-taking and experimentation.

5. And… an opportunity to express themselves creatively. To be effective, all these elements must come together simultaneously. If any one of them is missing or insufficient, the chances of your idea being implemented are minimal.

Naturally, if you are part of the problem, you won’t be able to help fix it. Therefore, the first step to becoming more innovative is to become a problem solver and a facilitator of ideas, not just an idea generator. This is where going to training and workshop on innovation skills will help you becoming good it. 

Innovation training using workshop and assignment format works best for modern executives and managers.

Some of the immediate impact that you and your team will gain after the training are:

1. Ability to feel more confident with your ideas

2. Discover techniques to see the problems as innovation opportunities – no matter whether you will implement it or not; you are not necessarily implement what you ideate!

3. Learn how to have a common innovation processes with your other team mates. 

4. Experiment ways to translate an idea into a basic level prototype – that can be understood!

5. Adapt your company ways of doing things to augment innovation techniques you learn in class

6. Realize that many great ideas can come from almost anyone

7. Witness that your quiet friends are actually have deep reservoir of ideas!

8. Inspired by your own creation and believe you can take on the world

9. Beginning to think of the right problems to solve instead of worrying about the right solutions

10. Accelerate your turnaround time when solutioning because you already know the innovation techniques! It works every time. 

Now, innovation skills is becoming central to many job profiles. No, I don’t mean just being creative with ideas such as putting a ribbon upside down and called reversed bow tie. Once again, innovation is about problem solving and value creation. Hence, what problem does reversed bow tie solved? Personal confidence?

The point is that by exposing your team to this kind of training, you will be giving them a huge competitive advantage. As has been noted before, companies who consistently outperform their competitors are the ones who have the most innovative and skilled employees. 

Superstars do not emerge from a vacuum. They are created by a system that brings out the best in people. The same is true of teams of superstars. They must have access to the same system that creates superstars one person at a time. This is where innovation skills training comes in. It is the glue that holds superstars together. It provides the system that brings out the best in people. 

Now, does this worth your time for 2022?

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