Just Don’t Be Leaders

Leadership is a very popular topic. Try to Google it, you’ll get millions of pages from all around the world. Leadership is one of many critical skills for modern workforce. Leadership has become the raison d etre of every level of employees particularly Executives and above. Leadership is a must have for every Top Management and C-suites. It is an important subject that companies around the world spent money on to develop their talents. There is one my favorite author and Master Coach wrote a book “Leading Without Title” – by Robin Sharma. It is a good book and easy to understand content. I’d reccommend you to have a copy and read. However leadership isn’t enough these days.

Please let me explain the 5 Why.

1. Too Many Leaders, Already

Robin Sharma says, “Leaders choose which mountain to climb, Managers will work on how to climb that mountain efficiently.” We have far too many “leaders” in organization these days. Don’t you think? Telling us they want this and that but have little notion and understanding on what it takes to get there. These leaders unapologetically make unrealistic demands that they themselves care little about.
2. Leaders Don’t Practice

Leaders sometimes are wishful thinkers. They have lots in their heads, but they share too little. They let their comrades and others to second guess their thoughts all the time. These leaders said we should share but they don’t practice what they preach. These leaders compare themselves a lot with their staffs. These leaders cunningly said, “I can think that’s why I am your leader (read boss).” Because of that when the staffs unable to deliver their wishes, they are called “poor performers”.

3. Leader Isn’t A Title

Guess what? Before modern organizations exist, leaders are made of those who get things done and make things happen – without a name card bearing their name with titles such as “Vice President, Managing Director, CEO, Head Finance, Operations Director etc…” Leaders of the olden days decide which mountain to climb and rally people around them and show them how to scale it efficiently. These leaders backgrounds are not based on creed or education level, they are measured based on the outcomes and impact to the world around them. They are very passionate individuals convinced others to follow their journey.


4. Leaders Failed Executors

Because leaders are seen as higher management, they tend to over rule decision making at their on whimps and fancies. Although their comrades have presented the facts and figures to climb the mountain efficiently, these leaders intervene in the name of “bigger picture”. When things go wrong or sideways, these leaders let the executors face the music  alone, in the name of accountability. Leaders abandoned their crews.

5. Leaders Avoided Path Less Travelled

Leaders have bigger offices, salary, parking space and benefits. These comfort perks are highly prized by leaders. They sometimes think it is belong to them because they deserved it. What if one day these perks taken away from me? Therefore these leaders minimize their risks of making mistakes. They chose the common path therefore no mistake, as a result nothing new can be learned. They avoid mistakes in experiments that could go wrong. They are not willing to spend money on new venture because their perks will be taken away, if they make mistake.

Just don’t be leaders. These leaders.

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