Time In Omnichannel Business

Today my colleague highlighted to me that our company DT LEADERSHIP FB page messenger recognized as “Very Responsive”. I am proud because it used to be 4-5 hours last year, the year before last 8-10 hours. We were late. Now “Very Responsive”. Why? We made a point to respond fast. 

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Previously we were slow because we felt decision making for coaching & training usually comes from formal channel like email or call for briefing. It used to be like that. We thought the request from FB Messenger usually for personal engagement; which we don’t do much at that time. Our focus mainly corporate clients and corporate innovation. Basically we didn’t treat FB Messenger as a channel for the public to reach out to us, FB Messenger to us was more like market segment of customers. We were wrong.

In the era of “Omnichannel” marketing and business, the point of contact to business is sporadic, distributed and fragmented – plus, 24×7. These days, businesses get contacted from email, Whatsapp, messages, Messenger, call, printed letter and many more including word of mouth. Businesses may have great products or services, but of the point of contact and delivery unable to create excceptional and responsive feedback, it won’t mean anything to the customers.

Having this realization early this year, we’ve also revamped our website to be more informative, educational and responsive too. Whether you search it from laptop, notwbook, ipad or mobile, you will get the most suitable format when interacting. Currently we are thinking to work with some providers to help our visitors with chatbots especially with stuffs we are adding in onto the website, we want to make it searchable and influential. 

Time is very important. Do hop on our website http://www.designthinking.com.my

Let me know your views and feedbacks. #innovation #omnichannel #fable #marketing #channel