The Innovation Sandwich

“We have plenty of great ideas. We went to many conferences, pitch to variety people and talk to potential customers. But in the end we know we got to eat the innovation sandwich. Out innovative ideas was just the meat right in the middle – leaves it much to be desired.”

This one comment of many feedbacks from managers and talents that I received from the people that I work with in workshops. Several times I had heart to heart discussion with some of them on how we could take corporate innovation further, all they say “the bosses should be willing listen to us sincerely.

The situation they are in can be paraphrased in the words of Ed Catmull of Pixar, “Give great idea to mediocre team,they will screw it up. Give mediocre idea to great team, they will either fix it or come up with something better.”

Listen to this bosses, when the team is made of great people, all bosses need to do is to encourage and give confidence. Although some ideas aren’t similar,bosses got to play long in corporate innovation game. When your team is encouraged and motivated, they would want more, this is when you drive them.

There are situations when the team said “Bosses always push in their ideas and they pursued it to respect bosses wishes.” This is when the innovation team becomes the Innovation Sandwich – victim of the situation. Their energy drained, unfocus and worst they burned out. Energy wasted.
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