The Execution Premium

Today’s world is full of ideas. Why? With a quick search on Google you will find at least a million pages on almost anything you want to know. From as general as cook books to as specific as writing resume. Consulting business thrives on this superb accessibility to information including other knowledge-based services as well. That’s also the reason why if you can only pride yourself with what you know, instead of how to do it; you better go play kite!

The most premium skill of a person especially a manager today is to be able to execute plans. They must be the execution specialist. Gone were the days when a manager only plan and get someone else to operationalize it. The very same manager needs to with their own hands and minds enable plans to be executed. Only plans that are executed get measured and progressed.

Execution is the most premium skill of today’s managers.

Beautiful plans do not sell anymore. Best practices no longer hold best with rapidly changing times. Big idea starts with small steps. Overnight success takes years to materialized. Just because you build it doesn’t mean your customer will come. Today, managers must endure this shifting belief of performance management; execution is key.

If you find your grand plans always not meeting your expectations, consider these 3 ways to winning execution:

1. Cultivate Collaboration
Learn how to get people excited with the plan. Get their opinions and listen. Do it face to face if possible. Study your plan and start connecting to people that matters to it. Even better if you can do this before the planning stage. You need buy in and people for supports. Believe me, collaboration works wonders! This method will help you fight and win the battle.

2. Stretched Realism
When you plan to execute make sure it is a stretched goals and make it publicly known. Because it will psyche yourself to try harder and find ways to make it work. Trust me, your brain will help you find the solutions to achieve it. Don’t be afraid to dream big. I think Steve Jobs called this Bended Reality.

3. Start Small
Sometimes we wait too long for that perfect moment to start. Unfortunately it never came most of the time. Have a habit to kick-start as soon as the plan have been reasonably deliberated. Do it small and scale up progressively. Monitor progress and make corrective actions.

Remember, the execution premium!

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