The Continuous Connection

This post was first published in LinkedIn on 2 August 2019 and has been trending on #innovation. I am sharing it here for my website followers.

*ICE Post*

The continuous connection between Innovation and Leadership is becoming more visible and it will stay for the next decade and more.

Innovation works primarily dealing with business challenges and pain points of customers. Leadership works primarily making the people in the organization respond to those needs more effectively.

It used to be “Innovation” is something we do in spare time. It is no wonder we felt the pinch to catch up now because we haven’t spared any time on it, we were extremely busy. On the other hand, “Leadership” is something delegated higher ups and passing hot potatoes became a ritual.

Having this “continuous connection” understanding between “Innovation & Leadership” will give us an evolving view of our fiduciary duty as corporate leaders, help us reconsider certain practices and create urgency to adopt new ones to survive in the next decade.

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