PTMBD_Interview with Dato’ Hj. Ameer Ali bin Mydin of Mydin Holdings Bhd (Part 2)

6.     What has to be done to increase employability and career advancement in this industry?

In this industry, if you can’t work hard enough please don’t join.  If you love your weekends forget about it.  It’s really a 24/7 job you know.  You are on call all the time, just like a doctor on duty.  To make it successful you got to have positive attitude and must love to serve.  It pays well too!  Some people just have it, some don’t.  A strong passion, have interest to know more about the market like customers trend, suppliers and know what’s happening around us.

Personal Motivation

7.       Who is your role model?  Why?

My father is my only role model.  He is 83 years old and he still goes to work every day.  He is very discipline, I got some of his qualities and I feel blessed.  If I want to see him on weekend I usually go on Sunday.  Let say I promise to come at 10am, and I am late by 10 minutes.  You know what?  He is gone to the shop by that time.  That’s my father.

Let me tell a story about him.  You know, sometimes we go to mamak shop to eat mee goreng.  He normally orders a mee goreng with extra lime on side and a glass of warm water.  You know what he will do? He takes the extra lime and squeezes it hard into the warm water – now he got a free lime juice.  He always feels proud of that, why pay for something when you can use what you have to get it free.

8.       What are the Key Success Factors (KSFs) to be successful in this industry?

I will comment on overall, not just in this particular industry.  These simple rules of KSFs are applicable to all human beings, if they want to be successful in anything they do.

  1. Work hard
  2. Put a lot of discipline
  3. Money doesn’t grow on trees, spend wisely
  4. Be honest, punctual and keep your values intact
  5. Educate yourself
  6. Open your mind and heart
  7. Learn about your own strengths
  8. Wake up early and work diligently
  9. Understand risk and return
  10. Listen more, talk less

 9.       What is your next milestone?

 I can’t say I am going to retire, because I haven’t been working yet.

Staff wise, their turnover quite high.  It is hard to keep people these days, but I want to make sure when they leave they must become better.  They must be able to add value to that new place.  As we fondly called ourselves “Mydinised”, we have some qualities that others don’t have.  Only then they can carry themselves to greater heights.

In our type of business, it is also important to have good staff relations.  I sometimes go to their wedding, visit some of them at hospitals when they are sick and so on.  Whatever within my reach I’ll do it.

Market Growth


10.       This business is very competitive.  Can you share the latest trend/update in the hypermarket scene the last 3 years?

The business is getting more competitive than ever.  Now people come shopping daily especially at night.  They come by the droves.  We sometimes have to close late because they just like to see around.

But on the other hand, some customers prefer smaller shops.  Not too much walking and so on.  You probably notice our mini market, MyMydin.  It’s not a new model, but definitely a rebranded model and more organized.  In housing residences, medium sized community and near public amenities.  We try to franchise them, so the franchisee can also benefit from the growth.

As for the country develop, convenience becomes very important.  We can also see the government is taking multi measures to make sure the economy is healthy.  Things such as monopoly, subsidy and controlled items can be bad for long term business outlook.  A law is a law, but sometimes hard to implement.

Thank You.

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