Powerful Conversation

Have you had any experience talking to someone and later that someone becomes your partner in business, work or even life? That’s how powerful a conversation can be. I believe that powerful conversation (PC) can change life. For the last 10 years I always seek the opportunity to have powerful conversations (PC).

I realized that PC usually creates positive and rich interaction effect. You probably realize every time after you talk to someone you will try to digest what was the conversation about and try to juice up what you gain from it. If you don’t find anything, then interaction effect score is very low. Of course sometimes we enjoy talking, but if nothing gained we just talk to socialize. But there are also times when you talk to someone that the conversation becoming richer and longer. You feel connected and gained new insights and learn new knowledge. You may disagree with the ideas or even counter some arguments, but you gained something new. That is PC.


PC doesn’t talk about people, as saying goes only the small minds talk about people. PC seeks the opportunity to talk about ideas and sharing of knowledge and experience. It is an exchange that has to be mutual. Throughout my life, I found less than 50 PC because PC is hard to find. And not many people want to have it with you and vice versa. However the interesting thing about PC it started with a stranger and usually you know it after the first conversation you have.

You need to look for PC. It won’t come to you because you need to be open your mind and heart to talk and talking to people. The concept of PC is largely applied in coaching and mentoring relationship. Even in that kind of relationship there is a need of chemistry to sustain it. PC requires you and the other person to be honest and sincere. The relationship has to be real and no string attached.

I recently had another experience with PC. It was a young colleague that likes to talk about concepts coming from religion, politics and social. At first I didn’t know he was looking for PC, I thought he was just socializing because he is new in the organization. However one day he said he enjoyed our chat and would like to continue some other time. He is keen to learn and willing to share his ideas. He found talking to me open up his mind because I usually ask lots of questions followed with some analogies or narratives. It looks like he appreciated it. He started to consider my suggestions and ideas.

While some people see another people as just another ‘human being’, I see people as diamonds waiting to be discovered. I take great care of every interaction that I have to ensure that PC can happen. Why I am so concern about PC? PC is an intervention that allows people to enter your life and vice versa. With that permission you actually open up another dimension of your life with new possibilities and opportunities. That’s the reason why PC can change life.

However, you also need to be careful of people that is trying to take advantage and prey you. Yes they are people out there that have not realized that this world is small and big at the same time based on the action that you do.

PC can help you build up a network of friends and contacts that matters. You probably can become a business partner that endures trials and turbulence successfully because you have trust and confidence in that relationship. PC goes beyond conversation because after some time it is essential for you to develop emotional and mental proximity to get things to the next level. Nonetheless, it starts with one simple conversation.

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