One Page – Marketing Plan

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A marketing plan supposed to be easy to consume for both management and implementation team. One sometimes wonder why marketing is usually complicated, because we cannot execute anything that is complicated and hardly understood.

This is where many marketing managers that develop marketing plans that are nice to hear but end up just a nice plan. Having been in the industry for quite awhile, i have observed many marketing managers that are unable to see the business in totality and thus cannot accomodate the need of the business in the marketing plans.

As a result, majority marketing plans overly focusing on the media instead of the message. I am not saying the media is not important, but the message need to be handled carefully first. besides, certain message cannot be delivered using certain media simply because that is how our customers have been conditioned with. Take for example SMS alerts, i personally hardly read it. Many of my friends too usually delete it about 90% of the time.

S6PEC, One Page Marketing Plan

In marketing economics, in other words only one time in ten times our message get read by the prospective customers. Hey, thats not even sales yet, and i personally can count how many times i use the sms voucher and redeem it at the counters. I hardly do it. But how come there are many reports saying the sms business or mobile customers are growing exponentially? Yes, the customers are growing as such but only to the messages they want to read and act upon.

I will explain more about that in other posts, and probably give you some content about my Marketing Plan e-Book. Seriously, you should consider buying it because i make it very clear, that today’s marketing is very challenging but it is doable and with the technology available, we can make it work. If you come from big business, you should buy something greater like the software. it’s too expensive and rigid to many of us here. 🙂

Now, i attached the One Page – Marketing Plan which will give you the overall feel and direction of your marketing direction. This is important because an ideal marketing plan should factor in the business plan as well i.e. financial, resources and administration processes. This is where i meant, that marketing people today sometimes overly concentrating on advertising and public relation in their marketing. We need to do more than that, eyeballs dont translate into sales are useless. We need to make eyeballs become viral and engaging. We need to plan for it!

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