New Interview with PTMBD_Dato’ Hj. Ameer Ali bin Mydin

Now, this is what i called real-stuff. I know this man not by chance, rather through some work i did with Mydin Holdings Berhad some years ago. Since then i have been keeping in touch and learning as much with Dato’ Ameer, occassionally when I am @ Subang Jaya I will text to say I am around so lets have nasi kandar or teh tarik. Most of the time, we’ll have teh tarik. One of the things that i learn is to take lunch early because the queue is close to none and the food is fresh! So less time waiting and can do some work during “real lunch-time”. 😉

Managing Director of Mydin Holdings
"I can’t say I am going to retire, because I haven’t been working yet."

“It’s not easy to run a local hypermarket and especially if you are local.”, quipped Dato’ Ameer in my recent interview with him. I explained to him about my PTMBD (People That Make Big Difference) slot and he warmthly agreed to do it. It was done in March 2011 and took place at his office. We had solid 1 hour chat and I am thankful that Dato’ Ameer was highly committed during the interview. Let me tell you this, it is not easy for someone at his position to allocate 1 hour solid for this type of interview. I am sure he had done his own judgment spending the time with me. I am currently in my final editing mode and should be able to put it up in less than 2 weeks. Ok la, give me 1 week!!!

In PTMBD slot I plan to bring as many PTMBD that I know around my network. It is always easy to call or contact someone you personally know and interacted with. But let me tell you, some of them can be very different. Just make sure you visit this site often to find out.

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