Marketing Plan E-Book Is Going to Launch Real Soon!

Guess what? The Marketing Plan Breakthrough S6PEC has arrived. You can BUY HERE ONLY USD 19.90 WITH LAUNCHING DISCOUNT! Wait no more, milk you marketing budget. Let’s get back to basic!

I know some may questioned why it is taking too long to launch, my answer is “because of you!”. I don’t want to give you something that is worth less than what you paid for (yes i am going to charge you! haha!), but i rather feed the content to what is going to be useful and worth much more.

Besides, i also done some editing, designing, and beefing up the content a bit. i also is getting ready to give you a FREE e-book (on something special!) but you need to answer a simple (real simple) question. Well, this is not a trick mind you, it is just to reward you with a FREE e-book because you answer a simple question for me to focus on.

I shall upload the final draft (preview) in less than 2weeks on SlideShare/bitesconsulting and i shall launch it on Faceboook/Mike Entreprenovator 2weeks after that. Its going to be dirt cheap with especially i spent 6 months writing it and referring to almost major books of marketing and talking to many friends and colleagues and entrepreneurs on what inspire, what works, what don’t work and so on.

Check out Facebook/MikeEntreprenovator and buy this e-Book

here is the cover page to make you peek and i can tell you from my colleagues preview, they say i am nuts for pricing it so low. But like i said, my goal is to democratize knowledge to the max so small business owners and entrepreneurs can better their business. So long and shall i see you agaiin soon? Watch out my sister blog post on How to Hire a Marketing Manager at

Watch out this blog post after this on Marketing on Facebook (a Slide Show from Slide Share)!