Learn How and The Simplified Way to Launch Your Project.

This is my new vehicle to achieve my life purpose – Free Up Knowledge.  I recently launched my online training titled #THE ULTIMATE SKILLS (TUSK). In #TUSK I teach my students and participants the importance of learning #TUSK. #TUSK consists of Four Core Skills / Competencies. They are # Project Management Skills #Consulting Skills #Selling Skills #Leadership Skills.

I have completed my #Project Management Skill and offering GIFT SEATS (#FREE) to all of you – while seats last. Check out the following excerpt from #Project Management Skill and I hope you could receive this GIFT SEATS and Sign Up Here.

It is common these days to dream of a pet project on the sideline and it is equally common these projects don’t get done. Simply because it was failed to launched…Let me show you how to launch your projects successfully or learn how to show someone else to do the same!

You see, a lot of us love to dream of launching a pet project or a more serious office project to get ahead in our career. However, often the projects are just unrealized dreams because most of us weren’t taught how to launch one; let alone to sustainably manage one until our goals reached. While we know our dream projects can provide us a renewed hope in life – fitness, science project, community project, social awareness etc..; without a good knowledge on how to launch one can be detrimental and frustrating. Right?

You become bystander of other people’s project. Well, not all projects bear fruits, there were successfully launched hence chances of making it successful is not so far a distance. Furthermore, you can always get back up or get someone’s help (like me) to lift you up a little bit.

Therefore, in my program I am sharing with you a proven simplified  steps that you can personally use as your project tool (because you can localize it) and at the same time you use them in your office – and show to your colleague that you are capable in launching projects that matters to your life and at work in a simplified way. I can tell you more here, but it would just awesome if you could receive my invitation to sign up my GIFT SEATS (read #FREE) and start launching your projects!

Check out the Project Management Summary video:


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