Khairul Anwar’s Certificates and Certifications

Hey, thanks for coming by this site. Here I’d like to share my Certificates and Certifications (not to brag), for your convenience in validating my professional qualifications.

There are so many people out there – probably you need more confidence in me and my company. I understand that very well and I am happy to share this page with you. Please keep this page confidential, as it will not appear on my usual site. 🙂

I am a believer in lifelong learning and continuous education. Not because I am in this business, it is more the other way round. Because I believed in education then I arrived here.

Kindly go through them and please do not copy, screenshot or download any of the materials here. You can get it from me, just shoot me an email requesting for it, if you need it.

Have a pleasant day ahead!


  1. I experienced and completed my Design Thinking training journeys from these institutions:
    1. Malaysia – an 12-weeks on-site program, a joint-venture institution by Stanford University USA+Hasso-Platner Institute (Potsdam, Germany  & Genovasi Malaysia)., Certificate here
  2. Stanford Professional Development Centre (SPDC) – Design Thinking specializing in Empathize & Prototyping. (this is part of 2 weeks on-site program by MaGIC-Stanford). Certificate here
  3. University of California San Diego (UC San Diego), USA – 3-months online course in 2016. Online certificates are in the links below.

i) Design Principles:

ii) Human-Centered Design:

iii) Research & Prototyping

iv) Input & Interaction

  1. Design Sprint School, USA  3-months online certification in 2018. Online certificates are in the links below:

i) Design Sprint Master Certificate

ii) Design Sprint School Graduate

iii) You can see my name listed here on Design Sprint School’s website

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