Key Lessons Learned As Executive Innovation Coach For Inc.5000

I was invited as Executive Innovation Coach at Inc.5000 Vision Conference 2 weeks ago. I was booked to Coach 5 Senior Leaders and Entrepreneurs. Here’s why I still believe leaders and managers need an Innovation Coach as Thinking Partner to help them make the leap:

Meaningful experience as Executive Innovation Coach for Inc.5000 companies

1. Many strategic plans fail not because of the ideas, rather the unexplored ideas – while leaders always want to solve the problem quickly, your Innovation Coach going to help you address biases. Some areas you probably do not want to explore for various reasons. Working with your Innovation Coach, we will do this together. 

2. Dealing with unwanted people – it is common to not like some fellows in some decision making process. But somehow you can’t avoid them, can you? Working with an Innovation Coach can help you build enough confidence to get it through successfully. 

3. Ideas validation is far more important than ideas creation – Although ideas aplenty, sometimes you will be very limited by your own experience. Tapping on Innovation Coach vast experiences working with different clients and sectors, you will have better chance to make better decision. 

4. When you bounce ball to the wall, you expect bounce back – When working with Thinking partner such as Innovation Coach, you can expect your concerns and challenges get dedicated amount of care so you will progress. Leaders are known to be alone and pay a lot of attention to privacy of important matters. Confidentiality matters greatly here. 

5. As a strong idealist, you will only get better – some leaders felt working with a Coach is a sign of weakness that you need extra help. As most leaders are strong idealist and visionaires, to get ahead of time and ideas you can only become stronger. The Coach is your behind the scene scaffolds (this can be applied in Group Innovation Coaching as well).

Hope this sharing opens up ideas and insights when working with an Innovation Coach as Thinking Partner. Do reach out for further exchange. 

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