Joker’s Guide To Personal Effectiveness

I just uploaded my key success factors that i called as Joker’s Guide. You can download from This guide is a touched-up slides from my talk to my university alumni. I gave this talk to a group of new part time learners. i have been all in close to 8 years as part time learners. I completed my 1st degree and MBA part time. now am scaling up, calculating to do my PhD – part time too. God has been merciful to me. I am blessed with beautiful family (daugthers and beautiful wife) and with technology i can touch more people around the world.

The point is not for you to do things that i do, like hunting for PhD. I am doing it because that’s my purpose in life. i know why i do it and never once i feel tired in this pursuit. I work not because of money and never for things that i dont believe in. the primary objective for me to share out these open secrets is to let more people know what they can do with their life. i want to create more touchpoints so people when stumbled upon it, they will be able to learn. Look, not everybody is accessible to books, internet, good people, good food and good economies, thus i hope what i gathered since i am blessed with many ‘goods’ will be able to make more people able to ‘creating their own accesses and paths’ in this blessed world.

Hope you enjoy reading but most importantly share it out. the longer it travels, the better for everyone of us. my purpose in life is to democratize knowledge so it is accessible to more people. i do it through education and knowledge sharing platform. 🙂


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