I Apologize…

Hi all, I have been on hiatus for about 5 months now and here is my apology post.

I was very busy with work transition, relocation, product writing and so on. In short i was very busy until i wasn’t motivated to write. But after some time (5 months or so) i’ve penned down a number topics for me to write. I guess, the topics that i hold dear to my heart are everything around marketing, management, sales and some personal observation stories.

In the next few days i hope to post something on marketing. i have a feeling that today’s marketing is overly capitalistic and overly profit driven. I don’t know what their teacher teach at school on marketing but certainly think current practice is not sustainable. The gist of the writing is about “why current customers doesn’t matter anymore?” or something along those lines..

Next, on project management. I still want to emphasize the need to have strong foundation of project management. I personally not an accredited PM but i have proven that if we have strong work ethics and always think at the best interest of the project, you will always on the right track.

After that, i plan to write a lilttle bit on strategic management for small medium enterprises (SMEs). While i agree the big business still the driving force of our economy, the small businesses are becoming big business already. What happen when small business grows to become not-so-small anymore? what they need to do and how to do it? i think many smes still behave like smes even after they grow not-so-small.

That’s all for now. Cheers!