How to Make MLM Works?

In my previous post, i promised to show at least 5 ways How To Make MLM Works. These are the first THREE. Have fun!

First Way: It’s A Business

While many said it is just a passive income source, why make it passive if you can make it active? How many of us dislike what we do now for a living and keep searching other jobs to make better living? Since MLM can give you better income, why make it inactive or passive?

MLM is a business. It is not just income source. MLM is like starting your own business. What do business needs? Resources. A business needs time, money and efforts to grow. If you don’t have resources then you will not able to grow a business. If someone tells you that you don’t need much efforts to grow your MLM business, they bullshit you. Why on earth they try to convince you very hard? They are putting the effort. So expect to do the same when you join MLM business; if you want to be successful.

Otherwise just focus on your current job. Ask anyone about the power of concentration, it is very powerful.

MLM is a beautiful business model, but has to be done right from the start. Check my Facebook/Mike Entreprenovator

Second Way: Be Knowledgeable

To ruin a business is to be stupid and not knowledgeable. Can you run a business without knowledge about your own business? How many of you will go into construction business without knowing anything about construction? Practically none. How many joined MLM without knowing the business? Literally everyone.

I don’t join any MLM now. I had the opportunity to join few MLM in the past (more like introduction) and my experience back then make me wonder. In fact I still wonder and because of that I write these few articles about MLM. But while I don’t join any MLM anymore, sometimes I will attend their preview once a while and pretend to be like everyone else.

If you really listen to someone that knows inside out of the product, you are likely to join them. They can answer all the questions and sometimes they impress you with seemingly impossible to do strategies.

Right? But why? Simply because knowledge makes the most sense to every human being. Knowledge brings certainty and it creates better image to the speaker. While not many people are very knowledgeable, almost everyone instinctively know if someone is not knowledgeable enough. The fact that you are there show interest. Well, what the MLM-er have to do is capitalize on that curiosity and most of the time it works for them and you.

The secret is; have the knowledge of what you are selling, better still know the total business.

Third Way: Marketing is King

In any business, marketing makes and breaks the business. Marketing determines how long the product going to reach the consumer and how to make it profitable. In many MLM business, there is only one marketing channel; the word of mouth marketing (WOM). While it is the most effective, it is not efficient. Simply because WOM is numbers game. You talk to x amount of people, you are likely to get y amount of potentials. From there you will likely to close z amount of members. So to make z amount of members, you do the calculation backwards.

There are many marketing channels these days. For example brochures, social media, website, blog, sms, webinar, video and many more. Yes, marketing involves investment i.e. money to be specific. Many MLM operators cut a lot on this investment simply because it saves them a lot of money. That’s why if you notice, any MLM member that makes it big has multi marketing channels. They probably give talk, have websites and promote using social media channels. Check out my notes on How to Create Online Business for Any Organization.

Marketing these days have become so complicated and challenging. More so with MLM image is tainted; it makes it difficult to sell MLM business. And not many MLM operators really understand how to develop a marketing plan.

Please check out my Marketing Plan e-Book for details. I will explain in clear details how to develop and use your marketing plan specifically for small business owners and entrepreneurs.