How to Look For Crazy Ideas That Might Work?

Image Credit: Image by gfk DSGN from Pixabay

  • Firstly, when Ideating, get yourself and team to focus solely on generating ideas. Don’t even think about the implementation hurdles and constraints yet. 
  • Search for wild ideas – how to get them? Talk to extreme users (users that possibly not interested in your products / services as well as users that love them to bits.)
  • Extreme users will be able to tell you things that you never thought of. 
  • Using a service or product is an emotional decision. Because our motivation and emotion is highly personal, it is hard to pin point exactly what would motivate our users to buy from us. 
  • Therefore, it makes sense to ask them why they buy or don’t buy from us.
  • Every user should be treated as an expert. We respect their concerns particularly if we are dealing with sensitive groups or high stake decision making. 
  • Collaborate across boundaries – you will gain different opinion as dividend and these will generate additional insights. 
  • Some of you might wonder, why do we need to entertain all these information?
  • The main reason for this stage is for you to gain as much learning as possible, therefore don’t get stuck yet on the main purpose of your products. 
  • You might need to change them after this session!
  • While the extreme users might tell you 101 things about your solutions, you don’t have to follow or agree with 101 things. You are here to learn about them and gain insights. 
  • An extreme user is not a lead user, they are anomalies under ideal circumstances. 
  • You will later compare the insights you gain from extreme users, lead users and general users.