About Khairul Anwar


“Execution Premium via Innovative Leadership” has always been Khairul’s basic principle in coaching business executives and senior leaders. Khairul observes that today’s modern, fast moving and highly demanding organization require top executives and senior leaders creative and innovative leadership strategy. Khairul has more than 15 years in depth and diverse experiences in various sectors as senior leader/consultant and business manager in Asia. He also involves in start-ups, social enterprise and fintech as part of growing sector around ASEAN countries.

Khairul specialized coaching in integrating principles of innovation as part of top executives and senior leaders leadership strategy. He has trained and coached innovative leadership from senior levels to operational levels to measurably impact their leadership qualities and innovation confidence to improve organizational effectiveness. Khairul has held senior level positions and worked as business management alongside multinational companies in Europe, Asia and Middle East. He is also an active voice of start-up, social enterprise and fintech as the new economic model for modern organization. Khairul is an active listener, cultural sensitive and productivity oriented and he believes innovation acts as business problem solver for any organization in any industry.

He has been recognized for his innovative approach, which he did by integrating principles of innovation together with Marshall’s methodology. His current clients are in banks, conglomerates, infrastructure and services.

His appreciation of people, cultures and diversity was born from projects experiences gained in UK, Germany, UAE Dubai, Qatar, Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore, Scotland and Ireland. His next locations are USA, Japan and China. Khairul’s authentic and genuine communication skills make him a sought after by senior leaders and managers.

Khairul believes this world is big enough to learn and small enough to do bad things. Khairul started as more brawn than brain and lead a simple life. He also think it is important to make mistakes early so we have enough time to get our priorities right. Don’t you think? Here are my Leadership Beliefs

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