Deadly, Doable, Duplicable – 3D

You see, i love reading and i can consider myself addicted to it already. i feel itchiness all over my body if i dont read, and by the end of any week if i catch myself not reading anything useful i feel dumb and bad about wasting my time. so far, i had few of such events. 🙂 my reading are varies in disciplines. I read business stuffs, management, marketing, medical journals, financial reports, studies, small business things, veterinarian reports, news, legal frameworks in islamic finance, autobio and sometimes newspapers. i simply hungry for knowledge. some reading materials i spend more time, some i spend less time. depending on my priorities at that time. i re-read some books also to refresh.

i used to srcibble what i read to a paper that is within arm’s length. Simply because i have bad memory. i got to use the traditional way of memorizing and practicing it many to make my my learning sticks and last longer.  no wonder my dad used sticks most of the time because he was simply trying to exercise my best learning ability! just kidding.

i also did highlight using highlighters some key lines or paragraphs that i think useful to revisit and ponder later. some books take many months to finish, some take days and some take years. i already accepted the fact, some books appreciate after some years on stocking them (just like some good wines!). but recently i got this idea to write it down online in my blog so i can relook at them whenever i want and it can be useful to others too. by no means what  i am doing here not to encourage you to read yourself, but rather to highlight what hit me and what lit up during those reading process. like i said, it is easier for me to refer back here and organize it in orderly fashion.

i realized, i am not good at keeping scribbled notes around the house! so i created a segment called ‘3D‘. I will highlight around 10-20 3D points about the book that i read. let me explain what 3D is. Deadly, Doable, Duplicable. it means  i will list down with some description about what i learn from the books that hit these three features. i tried flair writing, it is proven i am not one of those creative writers. i decided to use point instead. please bear with me. i recently finish a number of books that worth 3D and i shall post my 3D list in a few weeks time.

just a little more explanation on what is Deadly, Doable and Duplicable.

Deadly means  the idea is out of the world, unlivable with, mind boggling, must do and hard to come by. have you encounter that type of ideas? it can a quote, activitiy, plan, words and other things. but it is Deadly.

Doable means the idea is possible to be achieve within our basic constraints. things like we can straight away get up and do such as pray, read, carry, lift, share, remind etc..things like dont need any financial investment if possible but rather our extra effort to make it work. i dont ideas that not Doable. i believe in small action and consistent.

Duplicable means the ideas can be transferred to someone else with another drop of sweat. it is so simple that just by talking and sharing about it, other people understands it well. i dont like people who hoards information and knowledge. i believe in democratizing knowledge. the idea can be big or small, but Doable.

be back soon, meanwhile please read my other post. any feedbacks and brickbats, please send to [email protected]