Change Attitude to Fortitude

It’s clear to me now, that attitude is over rated. Attitude is a mental state or posture or perspective about something. I drag myself waking up every morning when I hear my 2 weeks baby cries, I had to wake up anyway because he needs feeding. He is hungry and I know very well that after I feed him I feel I have achieved something awesome for that moment. I will not regret.

Now picture this. My son has grown up and I still have to wake up every morning and drag myself to do 50 push-ups, 2 minutes plank and 2 minutes lower abs exercise. After that I will cycle for 30 minutes. I have to do this 4-5 times a week. Every time after I do these routines, I will feel great and awesome! I took on the day like a champ. However if I casually skip because my attitude towards it, I will find myself in a rut after 1 month. I wouldn’t be able to do even 10 reps push up, not 10 secs plank and I quickly drown spirally into that lethargic feeling. I become the person I don’t want to be.

The two stories to illustrate that attitude is not enough. We need fortitude. We need bravery to do things that are difficult and not fun. We need courage to do things that we don’t necessarily like. We need to take that bold action that we know if we do it we will gain. That’s changing attitude to fortitude.

To change the world and ourselves, we need more fortitude.

Attitude alone is not enough. In hard times, when you hit rock bottom, attitude matters less. You need fortitude. You need to get out and hit the road to run or walk or jog. All of us need fortitude. If you find yourself still struggling, that’s because you may have positive attitude yet your fortitude isn’t forthcoming enough yet.

Fortitude is the answer. #innovation #excellence