Building New Capabilities

It’s a rather late to wish Happy New Year, but i am just going to wish anyway; Happy New Year 2013. What are you up to in the middle of the year?

It took me awhile to digest what’s in store for this year. Fortunately i figured out that to stay ahead of the game i need to build new capabilities; individually and in business. Often people will ask why, how and what are new capabilities? I don’t know much but i can provide some thoughts into the Why and How but not What.

Why- i remember Drucker mentioned a very important observation in his book Innovation & Entrepreneurship. He said when there’s a significant shift in demographic but more importantly meaning to something, there’ll be a big move. I guess because meaning is emotive so it makes people to feel more. Therefore when this happen, we can and need to surf together with that change.

For example, we all know the most talked about multigenerational workforce issue especially with Gen-Y, it’s a significant demographic change in terms of social structure. But more importantly is how Gen-Y has a different meaning about work. This has caused chaos at the beginning and problematic for some people and organization. However after some years, change started to seep in and Gen-Y assimilated or rather accepted in the workforce, the entire organizational perspective changed.


In fact now there are many efforts done to make Gen-Y adaptable and many new jobs created. These are new capabilities. Business will thrive when they found new capabilities.

The new business capabilities reside in leveraging the new generation or some called it Gen-Millenium (mixed of X, Y n so forth). But how to do it?

How- this is similar to a time when you already have a driving license and a car but you dont know where to hang out and who to hang out with. With new capabilities you actually can do much more and risk much less.

This is where organization development role come into the picture. The new workforce has huge untapped energies in them that if put to good use can do wonders. While development programs are targeted to new generation, often the seniors and leaders are left out or out of touch with today’s reality of the workforce.

Very few willing to change, and a lot more actually dont know how and what to change. Two worlds developed differently choreographed by the HR. Unless the HR is well informed and be a true business partner to the CEO, this can lead to organization disconnect; talent gaps, expansion limitation, execution challenges and redundancies.

A closer to reality and medium term human capital & OD projection planning can help these new capabilities are fully leveraged. There’ll be no evident of loss, but certainly huge economic losses can be expected when done wrongly.

In conclusion, organization leaders have to embrace and brave enough to open up and at the same time drive change from the top. Energies can only be managed and channelled, but it will never be depleted. It just takes different forms.

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