Books & Authors on Design Thinking & Innovation

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1. Creative Confidence, David Kelley, IDEO
2. Designing For Growth, Jeanne Liedtka and Tim Ogilvie, Columbia Business School
3. The Field Guide to Human-Centered Design, Design Kit, IDEO
4. The Design of Business, Roger Martin, Rotman Business School
5. Design Thinking for Strategic Innovation, Idris Mootee, Wiley
6. This Is Service Design Thinking, Stickdorn and Schneider, Wiley
7. The Experience, Bruce Loeffler and Brian T. Church, Disney Service
8. Pirates In The Navy, Tendayi Viki 
9. Business Model Generation, Alex Ostewalder, Strategyzer
10. Ten Types of Innovation, Larry Keeley, Helen Walters, Ryan Pikkel, Brian Quinn
11. Value Proposition Design, Alexander Osterwalder, Strategyzer
12. Sprint, Jake Knapp
13. The Little Black Book of Innovation, Scott D. Anthony
14. How to Assess and Measure Business Innovation, Magnus Penker
15. Crossing the Chasm, Geoffrey Moore

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